Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Choice, Peace, Coherence on 12/12/12

Today is the “12/12/12” date that people have been talking about for several years. The form of the number, if you look just at the digits, could symbolize the kind of pondering that goes into a decision between one choice and another. The the alternation between 1 and 2 could be a way to highlight the comparison that goes into a decision.

If today is a day to think about decisions, many have taken today as a day to focus on the most important decision of our time, between violence and peace. Peace comes not merely from a reluctance to clash, as some suppose, but also from a kind of clarity of thought often described as coherence. This is sometimes also referred to as harmony. If you tune in to the chatter surrounding 12/12/12, you will come upon mentions of all these words. Look deep enough and you will see that they are all pointing toward the same thing.