Thursday, December 18, 2008

Before the Year Is Over

Usually I tell people to approach life one day at a time, but today would be a good day to take a look at the year as a whole. What has happened in 2008? What has changed since the beginning of the year? What surprises have there been? How are those new year’s resolutions coming along?

Some people wait till New Year’s Eve to remember what their new year’s resolutions were. It feels much better to think about them now, and to look over the year as it’s shaping up, while there is still time to do something about it. In two weekends, with very busy weeks in between, it might seem like there is no time left to fix your year, but if you’re aware of where you’re trying to go, there could be a few moments that could make a difference for you.

A year is a very long time when you think about it in all its lively detail. You could never really plan a whole year in advance. But it’s possible to admire a whole year as it’s going on around you, especially a year as momentous as this one has been. Take a minute today to see how it’s going. Then check again on New Year’s Eve. And don’t be surprised if the checkpoint you take today changes the direction of your year just enough to turn it into something different in the end.