Sunday, December 21, 2008

5 Ways to Have a Merry Christmas

Today is Humbug Day, a day set aside for people to gripe about Christmas (well, among other things). The fact that such a day is needed shows that there is an aspect of trying too hard to “do” Christmas, instead of merely celebrating it as a holiday.

Much of the stress that surrounds Christmas comes from the pressure, mostly self-imposed, to conform to one particular way of celebrating the holiday. Yet there are lots of good ways to celebrate a holiday like Christmas, and you make it less stressful by picking a strategy that naturally fits your situation. These are just some of the Christmas scenarios you might look forward to:

  • Thanksgiving II. Just repeat the last big holiday, with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Only this time, no shopping.
  • Around the world in one night. A flurry of hectic activity with an intensity that you could never pull off at any other time of year.
  • Peace on Earth. A quiet day away from all the noise and pressure of everyday life.
  • All I want for Christmas. The perfect day to fully appreciate all the nice presents you just got. For example, you have to at least get to level 3 in that new video game.
  • If they could see me now. Finally, a few free hours to work uninterrupted on that big project you’ve been dying to do all year long.

Every situation has its own unique opportunities, and that principle is as true on Christmas as it is at any other time. Have a merry Christmas!