Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tony Robbins Recommends Massive Action

After I mentioned Tony Robbins yesterday I found that he has a new free audio program for people who might be worrying about the financial crisis. The one-hour program is an introduction to a web site that hasn’t really been put together yet, but it is also a strong, concise introduction to Tony Robbins’ philosophy that may be worth repeated listening even for those who have already read Awaken the Giant Within and listened to Lessons in Mastery. Download it now at:

Power of Crisis (free registration required)

In this program, Tony emphasizes that even the darkest times contain opportunities that aren’t available at other times. That is, there are things you can do in this situation that can benefit you greatly, but only if you take action now.

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, one of the worst ways you can react to a deep recession is to decide to simply wait it out, to wait for economic conditions to improve before you do anything. Certainly that will be necessary in some areas or for some projects, but that just means you will have more time for other kinds of action that are more important right now.

If I haven’t persuaded you that bad economic times are a good time for massive action, I am certain that Tony will. Tony is fun to listen to anyway, so if you were going to spend an hour worrying about the economy, give Tony a chance to change your perspective instead.