Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Political Junkies, 5 Steps Toward a Normal Life

For me, the end of the political season came as a relief, letting me return my attention to my own life and work. For “political junkies” such as Joel Schwartzberg, though, it can be a difficult transition back to a normal life. It can be as challenging, Joel says, as the end of a season of American Idol.

For anyone who is still wondering what to do with themselves now that the election is, like, so last week, here are five places to start:

  • Dirty laundry. You watched plenty of dirty laundry during the campaign, but who’s airing your dirty laundry? Go wash it all, and they won’t have a chance to! While you’re at it, wash the dishes and make the bed too.
  • Is it time to pay the bills? Did you pay the rent at the end of the month? It’s easy to forget a bill or two the weekend before an election, so go ahead and double-check all the bills, and make sure they’re all paid.
  • Do you know what’s in the refrigerator? If you’re missing some of the muck and mud of politics, chances are, you can find a hint of it somewhere near the back of the refrigerator. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t vote for it, throw it away.
  • Yes we can. Did you notice it’s harvest season? A great time to can some fresh fruits and vegetables! How about some blueberries and some red ripe tomatoes to give your pantry the colorful look you love?
  • The change you need. Was the last time you stepped on a scale a day or two before the first debate? What personal initiatives that you were so dedicated to in August fell by the wayside in September? Now’s the time to get back on the exercise bike, or whatever action will give you the change you need personally. Think of what good shape you’ll be in when the next election rolls around.