Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Going Home . . . but Take Food and Water

The cleanup begins in Fort McMurray now that a fire that ripped through the northern Alberta city has moved on. About 10 percent of residents are expected to return home today, and more tomorrow, but those who do are cautioned to take with them enough food and water for two weeks. Some plan to live in their cars for a few days while they start on the delicate work of removing ash, smoke, and dust from their houses. Stores may not reopen until next week. Water pipes have been flushed out to remove the toxic effects of the fire but it will take more thorough testing to be sure that water is safe to drink. It may take weeks to completely restore electricity to the area. Ash on the ground has been sprayed to make it slightly sticky so it won’t blow around, but dust masks may still be required for anyone walking around the neighborhood. All in all, it’s not the scene you think of when you imagine finally being able to go home.