Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chipotle’s Sick Customers in 4 CNBC Headlines

Here’s a summary of the food-preparation problem at Chipotle taken from the last week of CNBC headlines on the restaurant chain.

  1. Management is intransigent and in denial about the problem. Wednesday, December 16: Chipotle execs: There is no E coli in Chipotle today
  2. The public has reason to worry. Thursday, December 17: Chipotle metric [YouGov BrandIndex “buzz” score] drops to lowest level ever
  3. Foodborne illness originating in the restaurant continues. Yesterday: CDC investigating different E. coli strain at Chipotle
  4. More than half of customers say they are now eating somewhere else. Today: Poll: Are you scared of eating at Chipotle?