Saturday, September 13, 2014

IPhone 6 Is Biggest Release Ever

After a day and a morning of advance orders, indications are that the iPhone 6 is the hottest electronics device release ever, easily surpassing the early volume of the iPhone 5S. The larger, more expensive iPhone 6 Plus is also outselling the iPhone 5S, though it is a distant second to the iPhone 6. The web server difficulties and backlog of orders are other indications of the scale of iPhone orders. Most of yesterday’s preorders will ship by release day, one week from yesterday, but some configurations are delayed into October or November. Later orders will be delayed longer as backlogs pile up. Most of the longer delays are with the Plus model, with apparently a thinner inventory of some components, and it looks like Apple may continue to face shortages of the iPhone 6 Plus until it gets past the Christmas season. Apple is thought to have planned for 70 million units of the two models combined before the end of the year, and now it looks like that quantity may have to be increased if possible.