Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep Moving

Pennsylvania route 23 runs through Valley Forge National Historical Park, and so you can still see the place, the site of the military camp that was the birthplace of American national identity, by driving through on route 23, or even on foot, if you can find a place to leave your car with the parking lot gates closed. However, if you stop and look closely at one of the sights for more than a few minutes, the park police will be along to remind you that the park is closed and to urge you to keep moving.

“Keep moving” is good advice in general right now. It’s tempting to stop everything you’re doing just to watch the details of the government shutdown, but there is still work to be done today and, in spite of the unusual circumstances of the situation, much of that work can proceed. It is when the world is distracted that you have the best chance of gaining an advantage by quietly solving some of your own problems, but that becomes possible only after you turn your attention to the specific things you can do.