Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Knocking Down the Mall, Keeping the Stores

Granite Run Mall might be seen as the least successful regional mall in southeastern Pennsylvania. At last count, it was about 20 percent occupied. The solution is not a marketing plan to boost business in the mall, but to tear down the mall. It is a tricky process for everyone involved, from the demolition workers to the shoppers, as about five stores are set to stay open while the mall is taken away. The plan is described in this recent story in Daily Local News:

This is one of the biggest suburban redevelopment projects I have heard of in this area, so I will try to keep up with its progress and see how it goes. Nationally, many malls have closed and been demolished or, in some cases, converted to other purposes. The Granite Run project is unusual in keeping parts of the retail space operating while rebuilding most of the space to allow for other uses.