Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Science as a High School Obstacle

Science is an obstacle for some high school students — there is no doubt about that. And now, a careful study has found that science requirements make a big difference in high school graduation. Enhanced science requirements led to high school completion rates that were nearly 1 percent lower. At Ars Technica:

A quarter of the increase in high school dropouts was made up for with a higher college completion rate among high school graduates who went on to college. Science requirements are more common and more stringent in college than in high school, but those who have studied science in high school may be better prepared. The bottom line, though, is that increasing the requirements for science in high school is not enough. If students are to learn science, there has to be a corresponding increase in the quality of instruction, and that will come only when school authorities are prepared to spend the money that it takes.