Monday, February 3, 2014

NFL Beats Storm Front

The NFL’s big cold-weather outdoor game was last night, and the big snowstorm also arrived during the night. There wasn’t time to take a deep breath between getting the cars out of the parking lots and watching the first snowflakes hit the ground. The NFL may have avoided having its biggest television event of the year fouled by winter weather, but it was a close call.

Everyone knows that when you plan on the weather, you take your chances. The NFL had a range of contingency plans, but it must be happy it did not have to use them. My guess is that the NFL won’t worry so much about what might have happened if the storm front had arrived a few hours earlier as it will about the lopsided halftime score. I happened to be out in the early minutes of the third quarter last night, and the traffic jams were not formed by people trying to beat the storm. They were fans who had seen the part of the game that mattered, and with the party breaking up, were making their way home.