Monday, November 5, 2012

Barack Obama for President

This is a time of change for the United States and for the world, whether we are ready or not. During periods of change, a successful leader is one who gets everyone involved. One hundred percent of the people, working in their own ways, will solve more problems more quickly than any smaller percentage, regardless of how carefully the elite problem-solving class is chosen. When everyone is included, more gets done. Inclusiveness is based on emotion as much as it is on policy. Everyone needs to hear that their part matters, and everyone needs a chance to get involved. Barack Obama is the presidential candidate who fully embodies this ideal of inclusiveness. Other candidates are all too ready to cast aside parts of the country, as many as 47 percent of the people in one famous campaign promise, or they are too attached to their own personal ideas and points of view to hear the other answers being spoken. During his first term, Obama has spoken and worked as if every problem had a solution that a consensus of people could agree on. With the opportunities and problems ahead for the United States, this inclusive approach will be more important than any one specific policy issue. It is reason enough for me to recommend Barack Obama for president.