Thursday, June 7, 2012

The New Entrepreneurs

Tomorrow is, I think, the peak day for high school graduations. I will be writing on another subject tomorrow, so I wanted to take the chance today to wish the best of success to this year’s graduates. Most of all, I want to recognize those who, facing an indifferent job market, will have no choice but to start their own businesses. That is a lot to ask of anyone, but especially of a person with limited resources and little or no work experience. If this is you, my main suggestion is to get whatever help you can get from the people around you, especially when it comes to understanding what you need to do, because that is the area in which most businesses fail. Have a good story about what you are doing — that can make all the difference when you go asking for help.

If you know a new graduate who is starting a new business, please don’t think of them as crazy. Consider, instead, that they are making the best of an impossible situation. And if there is some way you think you can help, please don’t wait too long to offer your help.