Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Reasons to Convert to LED Lighting Now

Most people do better to replace traditional lights with LED lights gradually, a few this year and a few more next year, but these are reasons you might want go faster.

  1. You’re aggravated about the high electric bill. If it bothers you that so much money is going to the electric company, high-efficiency lighting is one of the quickest ways to cut the bill down to size. Another way to stick it to the electric utility: spend less time on the video screen.
  2. Money, and nowhere to invest it. LEDs are a good choice if you’re tired of the low rates of return on your investments. Even in the least favorable scenario (replacing high-efficiency fluorescent lighting in a little-used room) an investment in LED lighting gives you a rate of return of 2 percent, and the best cases return more than 100 percent. Better than the stock market, eh? If you’re thinking it’s a shame you can’t put thousands of dollars into this investment, look into rooftop solar panels as a follow-up.
  3. Air conditioning. Anywhere the air conditioner runs day and night, the return on energy efficiency in lighting is that much faster. Save money and make the air conditioning run a little quieter with the most efficient lighting you can get. And even then, don’t forget to turn out the lights you aren’t using.
  4. No nukes. Realistically, the transition from nuclear power to sustainable forms of electric generation can’t happen without energy efficiencies, and LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a statement in that area. And if you’ve been putting off doing a home energy audit, getting that done is an even better way to make a statement about your personal energy use.
  5. Party time. Get some pro-quality LED lights in various colors, add a lighting controller, and you can turn your whole house into anything from a rock stage to a dance floor at the flip of a switch. And the amazing thing is that you’ll be saving energy at the same time.