Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What the Stress of Corporate IT Work Means

I happened upon this headline today: “10 Low-Stress Jobs for IT Pros.” Anyone who works in the corporate side of information technology will understand instantly why that topic would matter. Job stress is so pervasive whenever you’re trying to do something new with computers that workers often burn out and go into a different line of work entirely. It makes sense that some workers might want to seek out ways to reduce the stress of work before they reach the point of burnout.

But why is IT work so stressful to begin with? Fundamentally, it is because businesses are still under-investing in technology, buying cheaper versions of the equipment and services they need, then hiring not quite enough workers to make it all work. It is a sign that there is still room for growth, in the short run only, in what at times seems like an already overgrown field.