Sunday, February 20, 2011

James Redfield on Authenticity and Food

In a new interview, James Redfield, author of the new book The Twelfth Insight, had some useful insight to offer on the Taco Bell beef suit and other recent events. The way to interpret the Taco Bell case, he suggested, is not so much that people are demanding beef, but that we are collectively starting to notice the value of clarity and authenticity. In other words, why can’t Taco Bell and everyone else just tell us honestly what they are doing, when it is something that involves us?

What that is is a reflection of this Twelfth Insight motivation to expose all these lies and to get back to an honorable way of commerce and food production. That will be driven as people understand that these chemicals in these foods, they’re really pulling us down. Some people think that human culture has lost 20 points of intelligence in the last 20 years, and I would argue that it’s the food.

Beyond food, Redfield believes the current chaos in world politics and commerce is helping to prompt a new degree of awareness of the distinction between authenticity and corruption.

Some of it is coming from the fact that, the reason I want to do this is that something has to be done. The world is getting really strange out there. And one of the things we’re really looking at and sensing is that the world is terribly corrupt at every level: government, the way people in the United States and other governments talk to each other, the way politicians interact, how corrupt they are, how they’re so corrupt they don’t even think about hiding it anymore. And our reaction is, “That’s not right, there is an authentic way in life. This is the way I can do it based on holding a higher truth about things.” That’s the feeling, that’s that urge that we have to reform.