Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Quiet Holiday Weekend, But People Are Busy

The local area has been almost as quiet as the Independence Day weekend two months ago, as large numbers of people are staying home for the weekend. Streets are empty, in comparison to a normal weekend, and parking lots are also. A few stores and restaurants actually closed for the weekend, and others perhaps should have, as workers outnumbered customers during what should have been a peak hour.

If people are not out shopping, it’s almost as if they’re not around, and that’s why the area is so quiet. I don’t think people are sitting idle, watching television or meditating, though. I have friends who are painting a room today. Another friend is testing a new recipe. For my part, I spent the morning with the chain saw, cutting up branches left behind by last month’s storm. I imagine this kind of story is repeated all over town, as people finally get a chance to do something they’ve been meaning to do for quite some time.