Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Energy Day

Today is a remarkable day, and not just because the date is all 9s, 09/09/09 or 9/9/9. In addition to the many other events scheduled for today, this is Good Energy Day. It’s a day when millions of people around the world will be focusing on good energy, basically just to see if something novel can be created out of that.

You don’t have to check in with anyone to participate (though it’s easy to keep up with the flow of events on Twitter). Just put your thoughts on good energy at various times throughout the day — and especially, if you are reading this early enough, for a minute or two or just for a few seconds at 9:09:09 a.m. Eastern Time. Some people in the Good Energy Movement feel that the combined power of so many people focusing on good energy at the same moment could produce a result that might be measured in physical terms.

Whether that experiment creates anything to show or not, there is no question that focusing on good energy produces good effects in your own life. Today many people will be focused on music and games, on travel, goals, and freedom, on creating new things. Make it a habit to focus on good energy in any form, and you will start to see good energy become a bigger part of your life.