Saturday, May 30, 2009

No-Cost Boosts for the Personal Energy Economy

The government economic recovery programs are valuable in buying essential government services at a huge discount, but they will not by themselves create an economic recovery. We ultimately cannot improve the money economy just by moving the money around. Every gain from economic stimulus, where the money is moved to, comes with a cost, where the money is moved from. The money economy needs an influx of fresh energy, and it must come mostly from what I call the personal energy economy.

This is tricky too because we are used to spending money to boost our personal energy. Medical treatment, entertainment, and travel are examples of services that, done right, boost people’s energy, but they cost money. But there are also ways to boost energy that don’t cost money, and we need to rely a little more on these now to give the economy a boost. You can boost your own personal energy without spending money by doing things such as:

  1. rest
  2. breathe
  3. run
  4. cook
  5. listen
  6. dance
  7. study
  8. explore
  9. remember
  10. meditate

None of these automatically boost your energy, but you know how to do them in a way that will, so do them that way, and add some energy to your life — especially if you have spare time on your hands. Some of the extra energy will spill over into the money economy, and after enough of us do this kind of thing, the money economy will start to turn around.